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Food distribution in the narthex during one of our December distributions

Food distribution in the narthex during one of our December distributions

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Stone Mountain, Georgia is home to a remarkably diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious gathering of people from around the world. It is also “home” for an increasingly large homeless and transient community of folk, many of whom can be found each day and night somewhere along a 3-4 mile stretch of Memorial Drive. As there is no overnight shelter available in the local area, 3 area churches met in 2008 to discuss the need to provide basic emergency food service for those in the 3-4 mile corridor of Memorial Drive. Memorial Drive Hunger Ministries (MDHM) began first as a 3 day a week “emergency” midday meal ministry to street folk. This ministry has grown, both in the number of churches that provide volunteer support for the ministry, to the number of days emergency meals are now served (six day a week) to the number of folks served each week (from 45 a week in 2008 to as many as 360 folk a week in 2013)


From noon until 1pm every day except Saturday, MDHM provides an emergency meal to those who stop by the central distribution location at Rock of Ages Lutheran Church. An “emergency” meal is one that does not require any cooking or refrigeration. It is basic nourishment for those who otherwise might not have anything to eat. A meal often consists of a sandwich (turkey, ham, or bologna), crackers, chips, granola bar, oatmeal pie, banana, and water. Once a week and on holidays, a hot meal is served. There are no “requirements” placed on those seeking food. All who come are fed.

Food Distribution Table

Food Distribution Table

In addition to providing an emergency meal, the ministry now offers monthly clothing distribution, as well as basic health care kits (hand towel, soap, razor, toothpaste and toothbrush, band aids, hand lotion, shampoo, facial tissues) on the first of every month.

During the course of last year the ministry served around 18,700 meals, distributed close to 300 health care kits and provided thousands of donated coats, gloves, shoes, socks, shirts, and pants. An urban garden located on the grounds of one of the supporting churches provides vegetables for those seeking food. Bread donated by local grocery stores or by individuals is offered to guests during meal time.

IF you are a business and have food items or clothing items you would like to donate to our ministry, PLEASE contact us! Donations are tax deductible.

IF you would like to provide financial assistance to help pay for the cost related to purchasing food, please make a donation via our PayPal connection. ALL monies received via this website goes solely to purchasing food. NO donated money pays for staff, advertising, or other “overhead”. EVERY cent of every dollar you give will go to feeding those who come seeking food.

Donations may also be mailed, using the following information:

Make the check payable to “Rock of Ages Lutheran Church”.

Mail check to:

Rock of Ages Lutheran Church
Memorial Drive Food Ministry
5135 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083

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